1 out of 812 applicants tested positive for drugs.

Tennessee’s plan to prove everyone on welfare is addicted to drugs just blew up in their face  (via micdotcom)

And it’s an expensive plan, too.

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Florida did the same thing with the same dumbass results

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Say what you want about drug testing being dehumanizing but at the very least, the statistic that only 1/800+ people tested positive is not necessarily a good argument that the program is misguided, at least without more information. There might be an issue of selection bias going on where because of the policy, some drug users simply stop trying to apply for wekfare. Should this be the case, then the numbers are misleading and the policy actually did have its intended effect of keeping drug users off welfare. Now, even if this is the case, the morality of the intentions is still up for debate, but really, that’s an altogether different discussion.

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I smoke pot on a daily basis and have never failed a drug test because they don’t watch you whip our your dick and urinate into a cup. I just use someone else’s urine. I doubt most of the drug users faked their urine, but I’d be curious to see how many didn’t show up, how the test is given, and how the participants are selected, because I smell bullshit.


It depends on what you mean by respond. Start a war? No. Spend 14 million dollars to kill the executioner? No.

Instead, I’d just calmly advise other Americans in the middle eastern area to return home, or to some other location far away from these lunatics. And then I’d go back to strengthening my domestic defense.