You know what? It just occurred to me that during my little soap box story about my mother and how she worked hard to get where she is in life today, that my opponents response to that was disgusting. This is the same type of person who would say “women are oppressed” or held back in some aspects of western society. But when I tell a story of a successful woman, then it’s conveniently “an exception”, as if she hit some sort of lottery and didn’t have to work as hard. He would admit that the deck is stacked against her because she’s a woman, but then immediately turn around in an argument with a man and discredit her hard work as a fucking exception. An EXCEPTION, folks. An exception. I think that’s both rich and insulting.

Furthermore, all success is an exception, you fuckwit. The rest are failures, which is far more common than success.

Finally, claiming “exception” is basically being stubborn and refusing to assume a different bodily position where your head is not in the sand making excuses for why any other woman couldn’t be just as successful as my mother.




If you like mystery movies and psychological thrillers that challenge our conception of reality, I would like to recommend the movie “Coherence” (2013). This movie was awesome enough to convince me to watch it twice, back-to-back.

If you enjoy the depths of the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment and quantum mechanics, you’ll like this movie because it turns those concepts into a nightmare.

So bad ass.

Wonders if this is primer or 1st matrix awesome….adds to weekend list

Yes. It is primer and 1st Matrix awesome if you like deep thought experiments. Although, I’d say it’s probably closer to primer if I had to pick one of those two… but it has a higher budget.

If you want my opinion on abortion, don’t try to flame me with politically charged accusations about how conservatives are to blame, and we’re gun toters, and Christians, and pro-drug war and all that shit. That may be true for republicans, but not usually true for conservatives (except for maybe the Christian bit)

I don’t fit into your box. Not by a long shot. Even most conservatives I know are repulsed by some of my more moderate views. But we share philosophical common ground and respect each other. I’ve never seen this sort of tolerance from the left. I truly haven’t. And I used to live in the Northwest for fucks sake.

Those Christian, gun toting conservatives are the nicest, warmest people I’ve ever met, and they make a hell of a glass of iced tea. So on their behalf, let me just say what they usually won’t:

Fuck you.

Anonymous asked:

Plus I am not advocating mandatory abortion if you are trying that strawman either. I am advocating choice. Because you wonder why so many developing countries are dirt poor? Too mamy kids too little money. I come from poor backgrounds too and I am well aware of that reality. But I highly doubt your mother would have had the opportunities given this modern economic reality. Plus I am skeptical of your claim of so many unplanned unprepared parents too.

"Plus I am not advocating mandatory abortion if you are trying that strawman either."

I didn’t say you were. And even if I did, which I obviously didn’t, that would not fit the definition of a straw man.

(plus, straw man is two words, just so you know for future reference. I’ll grammar nazi the shit out of people like you)

"I am advocating choice"

Yeah, who’s choice? Just one persons choice, it seems, despite the fact that two people are involved. What about the other human life you’re killing? Does it get a choice? So the “pro-choice” phrase is really just an oxymoron, isn’t it?

"Because you wonder why so many developing countries are dirt poor?"

No, I don’t wonder, nor does it have anything to do with this conversation.

And I don’t care if you doubt my claim. You already doubted my views before you wrote me. You have already predetermined that you disagree, which is why you’re here in my inbox. It certainly isn’t to inquire intellectually, to learn, grow, understand, etc. It’s to call me a gun-toting, racist, backwards, redneck, anti-woman, anti-black, Christian. Right? Even though I’m actually a pot smoking, atheist, conservaitve-libertarian.

Your head is already so far up your ass, it’s not possible to have an intelligent conversation with you. I am now annoyed by you and will no longer respond because of how stupid you really are. I’d rather wash my ever increasing pile of dishes than to attempt to argue with you about anything, which says a lot considering how much I hate to wash dishes and how much I love to argue.

I’ve made my point several times. Nothing you have said has been in refutation of my claims or points, outside of unreasonable doubt. You have also tried to box me in with claims about my character and my political views which truly have nothing to do with my views on abortion. Your entire line of questioning and implication can be fairly described as fallacy and ad hom.

On that note, I bid you a fond adieu

Anonymous asked:

Maybe "society" should give away free contraceptives to whoever wants it. This would reduce the need for abortions. Hell, put birth-control vending machine in every school washroom and street corner.

Society should have to PAY for your sexual decisions? Hey, that sounds great. Will you also pay for my toilet paper?

Anonymous asked:

If you want to argue that baby might have been the next great American. Fine. It is possible. But how likely would they be able to climb out of poverty? In 2014? Especially in Alabama. A State that sucks on the Blue States like a starved calf for free handouts of healthcare, food stamps and benefits? How likely? Sure you can say the conservative rhetoric, but just apply the past and now. Compare them. Wages has been stagnant, college is inflating, 2 keys to escape are turning to dust.

So your solution is to kill babies?

What stops you from killing those already born? I mean, if we take your views to their logical conclusion, I don’t see anything that doesn’t permit this idea.

Anonymous asked:

I view life without liberty and the pursuit of happiness a life not worth living. Sorry to burst your bubble but the American dream has been dying for the past decades. Plus you probably were an exception than the rule. If you wonder why blacks might be more likely criminals has it ever dawned it could be faulty parenting? Plus you can almost ban abortion, but you will probably get your back alley abortion anyways. So might as well suck it and don't be a Michael Moore of abortion.

"I view life without liberty and the pursuit of happiness a life not worth living"

I agree. But you are predetermining someone’s liberty and happiness before they’re even given a chance to succeed, simply because their parents are poor or uneducated. If you can ‘t see the error here, then I’m afraid there’s no hope you for in this discussion.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but the American dream has been dying for the past decades."

Prove it. In fact, there are more businesses starting over the last 20 years than ever before in American history. I don’t know where you’re getting you anti-American views from, but please consider the source. lol.

"Plus you probably were an exception than the rule."

And what basis are you determining I was “probably an exception to that rule”? Because your life is awful? Who are you to determine the worth of someone else’s life? Is this what being a liberal/progressive means to you? Because that’s just sad.

"If you wonder why blacks might be more likely criminals has it ever dawned it could be faulty parenting?"

How did this conversation digress into racial parenting problems? Wtf kind of nonsense are you spewing here? You’re saying that we should kill babies because they might grow up to be black criminals? Good god.

"Plus you can almost ban abortion, but you will probably get your back alley abortion anyways."

Should we make murder safe and legal because there might be people who kill in back alleyways? You should think about what you say because these things are not even slightly intelligent.

"So might as well suck it and don’t be a Michael Moore of abortion."

I have no idea wtf you’re talking about, nor do I even know who Michael Moore really is outside of that 911 movie. Again, your comment is unintelligible.

Anonymous asked:

Why should men have any say in the abortion debate? Obvious question.

I actually appreciate this question.

The reason should be simple to understand. Women are allowed to CHOOSE whether or not to keep the child and the man has no say at all. If she decides to keep it, even without his consent, he has to foot the bill, and he is still without equal parental rights. Yet, he is not permitted the right to have a financial abortion, meaning that he should be able to decide to disown that child (within a reasonable time frame prior to birth) and therefore be excused from all legal and financial obligations for that child. He should be able to do this without the mother or the courts consent. This would even the playing field. My concern here is to stop the extortion of men through pregnancy and the family court system. By doing this, I believe it will also reduce pregnancies because it forces the woman to accept the risk of assuming full responsibility. Ultimately it is her body, and the weight of responsibility must fall more heavily on her shoulders. If it’s going to be “Her Body Her Choice”, then her OWN protection needs to be her primary agenda. We should not dump this responsibility on men. It is unfair, oppressive, misused, and only permits women to be irresponsible, further implying that women are incapable of taking care of themselves and that men should be responsible.

Outside of this, men and women make up both necessary members of society and abortion greatly effects this. To exclude men from the discussion because they can’t get pregnant is logically the same as saying males should not be gynecologists. This is dumb thinking. If a woman has a better point of view, let us here it. But don’t tell me that I can’t understand something because I am male. That is a sexist point of view.

Not that you were saying all of this, but many do.

Anonymous asked:

Hmmm sounds like it will create an abortion black market. Damn I LOVE conservatives. Against weed and abortions and say guns 100% go crazy. I mean is it so hard to support all 3 and not have cognitive dissonance? Plus weed is under amendment 9 if you are going to cry "oh Amenment 2". But I guess that is why a lot of conservatives are Christians. They say I follow the bible/constitution. Yet it is never read.

"Hmmm sounds like it will create an abortion black market."

By that logic, we should make murder legal because we’d hate to create a black market for it!

PLEASE see the irony.

"Damn I LOVE conservatives. Against weed and abortions and say guns 100% go crazy."

That’s just you trying to box me into something I haven’t agreed to because it’s convenient for you to dismiss me based on political views, rather than on issues.

I’m a pot smoking, atheist, conservative, pro-lifer. Shows what you know, you little bigot. Oh, and yes, I have a nice collection of guns and I drive a truck that gets 10mpg and I do it intentionally.

The rest of your response is easily dismissed because you don’t know me and you don’t know what you’re talking about. In my view, you can’t be conservative and be pro-drug war. I’s just not logical. But you’re not even staying on the same argument. You just bouncing from one topic to the next and using my inbox as your vent.

My suggestion for you is quite simple: Shut the fuck up. Ghhhad damn!

Anonymous asked:

Hmmm really? Because that is what I hear all over right-wing media. I wanted to ask indirectly, what is life without liberty and pursuit of happiness? Shouldn't the child be born to responsible parents? If you want to cut poverty and welfare, abortion and contraception do that well...

"Because that is what I hear all over right-wing media"

Show me one that says we should ban all entitlement spending. I’ve yet to see that on any mainstream right-wing media.

"Because that is what I hear all over right-wing media"

You shouldn’t base your opinion on what right-wing media says. Base it on the issues themselves. Make an informed decision. I hate party-line politics and party pandering. And I mean I fucking hate it almost as much as I hate feminism.

"what is life without liberty and pursuit of happiness?"

What is liberty and the pursuit of happiness without life?

"Shouldn’t the child be born to responsible parents?"

Not necessarily. Do you know how many people out there decide to become responsible parents over night? Do you know how many people out there were conceived on accident? I’m sure your mother would never tell you the truth and would adamantly insist that you were intended, but you never will know for sure. My mother says I was on purpose, but I can’t blame her for not wanting to say “You were an accident”. I mean… it’s a little damning of someone’s life to admit to such a thing.

Plus, if you were truly worried about personal responsibility, you would condemn abortion simply because for the vast majority of unwanted pregnancies are created by people who are careless and want to fuck without consequences. Why you defend these people is beyond me. Do you not realize that your own implied views in this ask give legitimacy to that behavior? Or do you just outright deny it?

"If you want to cut poverty and welfare, abortion and contraception do that well"

I take sharp disagreement with that. My moral backbone (if you will) refuses to accept that the easy way to cut government spending is to kill people. 

Further, my mother is an example of the American dream. She was born by a woman with 4 other kids living in a rickety shack in the woods in Po-Bunk Alabama. Half the time they didn’t have food to eat, shoes to wear, etc. To say they were hard-pressed is an understatement. My grandfather was offered a job in Dallas Texas and he moved the family out here because he was dedicated to turning his unemployment situation into an opportunity to build something for himself and his family. Clearly they started out having kids… “irresponsibly”.

Look at my mother now. She would be considered by most people to be “rich”, even though I disagree with that. But I will say she’s well off and very comfortable. She worked her fingers to the bone, at one point worked 3 jobs with 2 kids and a father that disappeared right after birth. She could have used your reasoning to abort me, which would have been awful. I’m quite successful in my young life (30+ years) and I come from poor people.

Economic hardship doesn’t justify the needless killing of innocent people, nor does it condemn those born into poverty of a lifetime of poverty. For me, it acted as encouragement. I suppose I believe in that American dream because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And I realize that it comes from hard work, dedication, and personal responsibility. In my view, you want to kill this countries next amazing scientist, entrepreneur, or maybe even one of our next presidents.

I think what you’re saying is “It’s okay to kill this person because you’re poor and you can’t afford to take care of them.”. Well shit… many of us wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t be successful, if it was for that kind of defeatist mentality.